Communications strategy

This is the big picture - a strategy to communicate your position and goals. I help you develop your strategy. This includes public relations, marketing, internal and external communications, social media and government relations. 

Content strategy

This is the 'how' of the communications strategy. Which content, or elements, do we deploy to achieve your goals? Impact stories? Testimonials? Surveys? Research? I work with you develop your content strategy and find your style and voice.


I work with you to find and tell your stories - in print, online, in words, on video. I listen carefully. I ask questions - "Who is the audience?" "What do they want and need to know?" "How can I make it compelling and clear?"  And most importantly, "How can we move people to act?"


Writing and editing

I create compelling, focused, and clearly written content for your website, reports, proposals, profiles, social media, information brochures and other communications.

I ensure that all your communications are clear, correct and easy to read and follow. This means good structure, accurate information, inspiring stories, correct grammar, no typos. I can't overstate how important this step is. You never want to put something out there that is sloppy. Sloppy looks like you don't care. And I know you do.

Social media

Together we create a segmented social media plan that reaches all your audiences on all channels, and I execute it for you.


This is how you build community, advocates, supporters, and momentum.