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What's your story?

I believe in the power of a clear, well-told story
to get people thinking.
And doing.

I specialize in telling those stories.


Communications strategy  |  research  |  Creative  |  messaging  |
  video  |  writing  |  editing  |  Moderating 
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‘World of Possibility’ – the podcast – is about the opportunity to face, question and rebuild the structural cracks that have been revealed by a society working its way through a global pandemic. How can we rebuild, reframe, refresh our relationships both within our families and our communities? It was inspired by Dr. Dan Siegel who says that ‘a synonym for uncertainty is possibility.’ What is possible? What can we MAKE possible if we grab the opportunity for change that is in front of us?

Parenting author and speaker Ann Douglas, child psychiatrist and knowledge translator Dr. Jean Clinton, and journalist Cheryl Jackson, who specializes in parenting and education, believe anything is possible if we stay open to new ideas, talk about them, and work together to make change. This is a series of conversations about reconnecting and reimagining a world of possibility


"Cheryl brings a few things to her work that make her unique. She is a wonderful writer - she has a passion for clear prose that illuminates complex ideas. She is a superb editor for the same reason.
She cuts through messy thinking with a surgeon's precision. She loves big projects and excels at noticing details. She is a fantastic team player who always brings optimism to any challenge and is open to new ideas."

Nicola Pulling, formerly TVO & Roots of Empathy

"I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl during her time at TVO, Ontario's public broadcaster. Cheryl is a consummate pro. She was great at her job. She does the thing that all broadcasters need to do: she establishes a connection with her audience through her preparation, empathy, diligence, and professionalism."

Steve Paikin, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO

"I worked very closely with Cheryl on health communications, marketing projects and video interviews, and she added a level of professionalism to our communications that wasn't previously part of our work." 

Brennan Sarich, CAMH

"We worked together on many levels: development of funding proposals, reports, as well as new projects and initiatives; website development; research events; and video production. She is incredibly talented, graceful, and easy to work with. Cheryl is very collaborative and responsible, meets deadlines, and does it all with incredible professionalism." 

Dr. Lisa Bayrami, formerly Roots of Empathy

Where I've worked

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